Wild Country

Wild Country Ascent Lite Screwgate

Shaving weight while maintaining rigidity.

Wild Country Astro Quickdraw

Wild Country's lightest Quickdraw.

Wild Country Boulder Chalk Bag

The large boulder bag holds an impressive volume of chalk.

Wild Country Chalk Block

Lets you crush to your own style.


Wild Country Electron Sport Quickdraw

Combining the quick clipping new Electron biner with our proven variable width webbing.

Wild Country Fusion Helmet

Provides greater flexibility between layers, making the model less susceptible to damage.

Wild Country Liquid Chalk

When you need as much help as possible.

Wild Country Pro Guide Lite

A remarkably lightweight device. Has been trimmed of all excess.

Wild Country Pro Key with Leash

More adaptable and easier to use.

Wild Country Pro Lite

Light, intuitive and smooth running.

Wild Country Pure Chalk Ball

No spillage or mess on windy days.

Wild Country Rock 1 - 14

With its curved sides, the Rock, has revolutionised how we protect routes.

Wild Country Rockcentric

Rockcentrics are light and easy to use.


Wild Country Rope Bag

A classic, functional design with a wide array of features.

Wild Country Superlight Rock on Wire

A super light, single cable nut that fits perfectly into shallow placements and pin scars.

Wild Country Syncro Harness

A classic concept the Syncro four buckle is a valuable part of our range.

Wild Country Wildwire Carabiner

Sleeker, slimmer, lighter, stronger.

Wild Country Wildwire Quickdraw

Sleeker, slimmer, lighter, stronger.