8BPLUS - HECTOR Boulder Bucket

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Don’t be fooled by his relaxed nature. He is all about bouldering. Innovative technical features, like his dirtproof base pocket for your boulder guide, or his extra steady shape for a firm stand, leave no room for misinterpretation.
Hector knows what he can do. If you are looking for a highly functional Boulder bag paired with fresh character and individuality, Hector is your choice!

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    Only the best for the 8BPLUS Boulder Bags. Blessed with high-quality ripstop material on the outside, the tame giant shows his soft spots on the inside. The soft pile lining helps for ideal chalk distribution, while the huge round access enables effortless chalking up to above your elbows (if so wished). Built with a steady shape for stability as a prime goal, it will be even sturdier once you insert your bouldering guide into the zippered base pocket. Almost nothing will knock this Boulder Bag over then. Of course all 8BPLUS Boulder Bags come with a centered cord closure, so they will keep it's great shape also when closed.

    • Material: Fur (artificial), Ripstop
    • Lining: Fleece (100%  Poly)
    • Features: 3 pockets, 4 brush holders, Drawstring closure, 22cm wide opening
    • Weight: 400g