Anthron Lory Smart
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Two sub-types of the device exist: LORY safe with unimpeded movement of the cam (for industrial use) and LORY smart with impeded movement of the cam (also for sport use). Cam rotation impediment aids in feeding rope to the lead climber. By pulling the working end of the rope the cam engages and jams the rope. By pulling the handle the cam gradually releases the rope. If the handle is pulled down to its terminal position the double-stop function is triggered which blocks the rope again. To resume descending, return the handle in closed position and restart the process.

It is suitable for use when :
• Work positioning and work restraint
• Abseiling
• Lowering
• Belaying
• Ascending
• Hauling
• Releasable pulley systems
• Rated for a two person load

• Minimum Rated Load: 30 kg
• Maximum Rated Load is 180 kg
• Maximum Descent Distance: 190 m
• Single-person use: (59 kg to 141 kg)
• Maximum Descent Rate: 2 m/s ≈ 6.6 ft/s
• Maximum number of descents: 28

It meets the following European safety norms :
• CE 0123
• EN 15151; EN341 Class A; EN892

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