Black Diamond Spot Dual-Fuel 400L Headlamp
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For a technical user who expects all-around performance and features out of their headlamp but still values a small size and compact package. This user has the need to run the lamp on alkaline batteries if caught away from a power source for a long expedition.


• Dual-Fuel: Maximum flexibility to utilize either the rechargeable Lithium Ion BD
1500 battery or Alkaline cells (included)
• 400 Lumen max output
• PowerTap™ Technology allows instant adjustment between max output and
dimmed power
• Integrated battery meter display shows % of power remaining
• Settings include proximity and distance modes, dimming, strobe, red LED
night-vision and lock mode
• Brightness Memory allows you to turn the light on and off at a chosen
brightness without reverting back to default setting
• Red night vision has dimming and strobe modes and activates without cycling
through the white mode
• Multifaceted optical efficiency lens technology
• IPX8: Waterproof-Tested to operate at least 1.1 meters underwater for 30
minutes. If submerged, water may enter the battery compartment and it will
still, operate; it should be completely dried out after use in wet conditions
• Digital lock mode feature safeguards against accidental use when stored in a
pack or pocket

Tech Specs:

• Display Weight: 77.5 g (AAA), 72 g (BD1500)
• Max Distance: (High) 100 m, (Medium) 60 m, (Low) 12 m
• Weight Without Batteries: 44.5 g

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