Beal Warm-Up Putty
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Beal Warm Up Putty: Your Warm-up Companion

Prepare for your climb like never before with Beal Warm Up Putty—an essential tool for pre-climb warm-ups, injury rehab, and overall hand strength training.

Features & Benefits:

Versatile Warm-up:
Beal Warm Up Putty, a non-sticky silicone putty, comes in three resistance levels, catering to climbers at every skill level. It's your go-to for warming up hands, whether you're a beginner, recovering from an injury, or a seasoned climber seeking stress relief.

Color-Coded Resistance Levels:
- Green (Medium): Specifically designed for finger warm ups, rehabilitation or stress relief.
- Blue (Hard): Tailored for established climbers as both a warm-up and training aid.

Comprehensive Hand Training:
Ideal for finger training and hand strengthening, Beal Warm Up Putty is a multifaceted solution that adapts to your climbing needs.

Portable & Practical:
Packaged in a convenient storage tub, this warm-up putty is ready whenever and wherever you need it, ensuring you're always prepared for your climbing journey.

Elevate your warm-up routine, boost your finger strength, and aid in injury rehab with Beal Warm Up Putty—a must-have for climbers of all levels. Get a grip on your climb!

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