Gear Aid Seam Grip Waterproof Repair Kit
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When in the outdoors, gear has to bounce back from rips and holes. Seam Grip WP Field Repair Kit includes all the essential tools for a repair that lasts. Use it as a seam sealer or repair adhesive for a tent and other camping gear including air mattresses and sleeping pads. This compact repair kit includes a waterproof sealant and two peel-and-stick patches. Whatever adventure you’re into, bring the Seam Grip WP Field Repair Kit and have a ready solution for torn gear caused by branches, brambles, and rocks.


Permanent– Tough, durable urethane adhesive lasts a lifetime and bonds to most outdoor fabrics (non-silicone treated)
Waterproof – Provides a water-tight seal that won’t peel or crack over time, keeping adventurers warm and dry
Abrasion Resistant – Make a long-lasting repair that can withstand scrapes and scratches
All-purpose – Seam Grip WP bonds with outdoor fabrics including nylon, polyester, vinyl, and leather
Kit Contents – Includes Seam Grip WP sealant and adhesive (0.25 oz), two 3” Tenacious Tape Patches (clear and black nylon), and an applicator brush


Material(s): thermoset urethane
Color: clear
Adheres To: nylon, canvas, vinyl, polyester, and most fabrics
Coverage: 3.66m of seams
Cure Time: 8-12 hours
Application Temperature: 15° to 37°C (above 40% relative humidity)
Use Temperature: -28° to 82°C
Storage: Store in a bag in the freezer
Tape Material: PVC (clear) and nylon (black)

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