Keep Thriving by Reinhard Korb
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You are now at a choice point. You can continue looking for solutions and meaning in all the wrong places. Or you can take charge of your journey. This book is a guide to navigating towards a higher level of living and a more meaningful life. It will become your own personal map, loaded with practical exercises, real stories, thought-provoking questions and deep theory. Equipping you with the tools you need to use your thoughts, feelings, and actions for optimal health and longevity. Empowering you to use your cognitive, emotional and biological arsenal to achieve a higher quality and quantity of life - thus unlocking your true potential. Reinhard Korb has distilled the best of neuroscience, psychology, neuro-semantics, epigenetics and lifestyle to help you move beyond any limitations. He is a Meta-Coach and explorer of life, someone you can relate to. He has helped (hundreds of) individuals realise better lifestyle outcomes. Your journey to Keep Thriving starts here.

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