Nikwax Rope Proof 1L
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Wash-in waterproofing for your synthetic rope. Repels water, maintains strength, and reduces weight gain.
Ideal for: All synthetic ropes

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    • Adds water repellency
    • Prolongs life and performance of all synthetic ropes
    • Maintains strength
    • Reduces weight gain in wet weather
    • Easy to apply
    • 4-year shelf life

    How to apply:

    For best results always clean item(s) first with Nikwax® Tech Wash®. No need to dry item(s) before waterproofing. Shake well before use. Follow care label instructions.

    Application (use gloves):

    1. Ensure ropes are as clean as possible before treatment.
    2. Mix 1 bottle of Rope Proof with 10 bottles of hand-hot water in a bucket (use 1
    liter of Rope Proof per 50 m length of rope).
    3. Fully submerge the rope, add additional warm water to cover the rope if
    4. Allow soaking for 2 hours, agitating every 15 minutes.
    5. To prevent tangling, place the rope in an old pillow case or similar porous sack
    and place it in a washing machine.
    6. Set the machine to synthetic cycle at 30°.
    7. Allow the machine to run full cycle including rinses.

    When to use this product:

    Always apply this product to new and used synthetic ropes to keep them in perfect condition.