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  • Ocun Bouldder Bag

    High-capacity chalk bag for bouldering Roll-down closure Brush holders on sides Zippered back pocket 2 rubber handles Detachable chalk ball and towel inside

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  • Ocun Chalk

    Ocun Chalk

    Crushed or Liquid. It offers perfect absorption and therefore dries your hands quickly during climbing. The chalk is suitable for hard sport climbs, where every detail of your performance and readiness matters. Drying effect of liquid chalk lasts twice...

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  • Ocun Condor HMS Triple

    Ergonomically shaped HMS carabiner with an independent internal wire gate for safe belaying and rappelling, twist-lock. Condor is a big HMS carabiner that responds to the new trend of safety. The carabiner is equipped with an independent internal wire...

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  • Ocun Crack Gloves

    Ocun Crack Gloves

    Thin rubber protects the backs of your hands while providing maximum sensitivity and friction when jamming. Material: microfiber stretch suede + high sensitive adhesive rubber for maximum friction Anatomical shape Rubber now conceals the quick Velcro...

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  • Oćun Dominator Boulder Pad

    Oćun Dominator Boulder Pad

    Crash pad with our unrivalled FTS Absorption Block®, suitable for highballs Paddy Dominator is crash pad for the most demanding boulderers. It´s also suitable for highballs thanks to our patented FTS Absorption Block®...

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  • Oćun Dreamtime Boulder Pad

    Oćun Dreamtime Boulder Pad

    An extreme one-piece crash pad! A Large taco-style crash pad with an area over 2.0 m2, one-piece pad, easy manipulation. Roll system with 2 flaps enabling packing of extra gear. Features: Duralumin hook buckles Flaps for easy packing...

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  • Ocun Eagle HMS Triple

    Light-weight, ergonomic HMS carabiner with triple twist-lock gate and keylock nose Eagle is a light-weight HMS carabiner suitable for belaying with a UIAA knot or to be used with belay devices. The ergonomic design enables easy locking with one hand only...

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  • Ocun Falcon Quickdraw

    Ocun Falcon Quickdraw

    Draws set perfect for red point climbing and working on hard sport climbs Top Falcon Straight carabiner (with K-lock) for easy protection clipping Zoom QD (26/16 mm) Polyamide webbing of ergonomic shape with high durabilitity Bottom Falcon Bent...

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  • Ocun Falcon Quickdraw 5 Pack

    Draws set perfect for red point climbing and working on hard sport climbs Set of quickdraws suitable for sport climbing. Now available in budget-wise 5+1 offer. Top Falcon Straight carabiner (with K-lock) for easy protection clipping Zoom QD (26/16 mm)...

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  • Ocun Finger Tape

    Highly adhesive sport tape Are you dealing with painful holds or finger injury? Sometimes it´s neccessary to tape. Available in two different widths - 25 and 50 mm.  Premium quality athletic tape for protection of your fingers Excellent...

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  • Ocun Hawk Quickdraw

    Ocun Hawk Quickdraw

    Recommended for sport and alpine climbing, good value for money Top and bottom Hawk Wire carabiner (with K-lock) for easy protection clipping and elimination of gate fl utter and freezing up 16 mm Polyamide webbing with high durabilitity;...

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  • Ocun Hurry + Condor Belay Set

    The safest carabiner and the lightest belay device This combo of a very safe carabiner and ultralight belay/rappel device is a good choice also for beginning climbers.  Condor is a big HMS carabiner that responds to the new trend of safety. The...

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  • Oćun Incubator Boulder Pad

    The most compact giant crash pad on the market! The Incubator is a large crash pad for demanding boulderers. It´s surprisingly easy to fold it into it's very compact packed form for transport. Thanks to its optimized volume it'll easily...

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  • Oćun Moonwalk Boulder Pad

    Performance with attention to detail - The Moonwalk is recommended for all types of bouldering, including highballs. It offers two different ways of opening as well as the possibility to connect more crash pads together and create a bigger continuous...

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  • Ocun Multipoint Belay Sling

    Belay sling for making fast belay point while climbing unsecured multi-pitches and big walls Thanks to its fl exibility it distributes evenly the weight in between 3 anchoring points. In case of need it is possible to fi x each arm with knot...

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  • Oćun Oxi QC

    Oxi QC is a performance climbing shoe suitable for a wide range of rock activities. Sport climbing, bouldering or indoor training. Oxi QC is a shoe for a climber who wants to compete in all disciplines. Highly rubberised toe-box and slingshot rand...

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  • Oćun Ozone Lady

    Female model of our high-performance climbing shoe with the unique 3-Force System design. With a narrower cut and shallower heel, the Ozone Lady is guaranteed to fit more slender female feet perfectly. The high torsion stability of the patented 3-Force...

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  • Oćun Ozone Plus

    Oćun Ozone Plus

    High-performance climbing shoe with unique 3-Force System designed for climbers with wider feet. Ozone Plus offers all the advantages of the Ozone shoes, including the 3-Force system, to climbers with wider feet. Features: A modern gun for...

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  • Oćun Ozone QC

    Oćun Ozone QC

    High-performance climbing shoe with unique 3-Force System design. Extremely asymmetric, anatomically shaped climbing shoe – a modern gun for competitive and performance climbers. Ozone is very precise on tiny footholds, edges and in...

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  • Oćun Pearl LU

    Legendary high performance shoes for narrow feet. Pearl LU is a time-tested high-performance shoe with radical arching and slight asymmetry. Tomáš Mrázek won the World Championship twice and became the overall winner of World...

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  • Oćun Strike QC

    Oćun Strike QC

    Comfortable all-round shoes suitable for day-long routes Strike is a typical all-round shoe. Its slight asymmetry gives it a sport climbing shoe character, while its other characteristics offer convenient comfort. It is suitable for those...

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  • Oćun Sundance Boulder Pad

    Ocun's Full-fledged crash pad with a good price to performance ratio! The Sundance is an all-around crash pad based on the well-tried Ocún design, suitable for everyday bouldering. It´s a full-fledged crash pad...

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