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  • Wild Country PURE Chalk

    With resealable packaging the PURE chalk range from Wild Country is spill-free. PURE chalk comes in hard blocks, pre-crushed and in liquid form. The powder breaks down into good mixture of particle sizes which can really get into the creases of skin on...

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  • Wild Country PURE Chalk Ball

    Our long lasting chalk ball fits most chalk bags and is a simple way to get a good coating without the danger of spillage on windy days or making a mess at the woody or wall. Once again our Pure Chalk chalk ball is 100% additive free, with no drying...

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  • Wild Country Revo

    Wild Country Revo

    The REVO is a tube-style device with a backup-locking mechanism. In its primary function the REVO is used like a tube-style belay device where the belayer is responsible for maintaining control of the rope; feeding out and taking in slack, and catching a...

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  • Wild Country Rock on Wire

    Wild Country Rock on Wire

    The rock with its curved sides is a Wild Country original and revolutionised how we protect routes. Still the backbone of any good rack, the current incarnation is considerably more advanced than its predecessor and significantly lighter as well. Keeping...

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  • Wild Country Rockcentric

    Wild Country Rockcentric

    A combination of the best ideas behind the trusty old hexentric with rock geometry. The rockcentrics are brilliantly light, easy to use, offering plenty of placement options and come with a colour co-ordinated dyneema sling that helps keep them firmly...

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  • Wild Country Syncro Harness

    A classic concept the Syncro four buckle is a valuable part of our range. Twin central buckles are quick to adjust, allow a bigger range per size and keep the 7 gear loops where you want them. This new version, designed around our unique new,...

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  • Wild Country Wildwire Quickdraw

    Wild Country Wildwire Quickdraw

    Sleeker, slimmer, lighter and stronger. Trimmed of any excess it has been re-modelled with an I beam back, a hooded nose and a leaner profile. Wildwire quickdraws are available in two lengths, these utilize the new 12mm dyneema dogbones and come in...

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  • Wild Country Wildwire Rackpack - 5 pack

    Sleeker, slimmer, lighter, stronger; Wild Country’s best-selling wiregate gets a makeover. Trimmed of any excess it has been remodelled with our I beam back, a hooded nose and a leaner profile. A superb, lightweight unit, the new Wildwire will...

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  • Wolfberg Cracks

    – A climbers guide to the Southern Cederberg AUTHOR(S)Tony Lourens ISBN978-0-620-4278-3 The Wolfberg Guide not only comprehensively covers the whole of the Wolfberg Cracks area, but also covers Sandrif Crag, the Pup, Maltese Cross, Truitjieskraal,...

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