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Exerband resistance band are best used before working out for preventative stretches that prime muscles for strenuous exercises. They are an essential part of any workout or athletic activity. Exerbands are an affordable way to keep fit and develop lean muscle and strength. Exercise possibilities are endless. With a simple ExerBand Resistance Band, you can do hundreds of different exercises.

Injury Recovery
Athletes need to do the right kind of exercises regularly to be in shape, perform well consistently, and prevent common injuries. Exerband Resistance bands are excellent for sports professionals after an injury as they help players add resistance to their motions, improving strength and flexibility without undue stress on the joints. Another important use of Exerbands is in the recovery process of sports-related injuries. Sports injuries are sometimes unavoidable, but given the high rate of such incidents, Exerband resistance bands are an ideal tool for rehabilitation after a sports injury. These stretchable fitness bands help athletes focus and work on specific parts of the body, which can speed up the process of rehabilitating joints and muscles post-injury.

Exerband Resistance bands come in various colours, representing a certain strength. See below:

Red (Medium) for Beginners & Intermediate users
Green (Heavy) for Intermediate users
Blue (Extra Heavy) for Intermediate & Advanced users
Black (Special Heavy) Advanced users
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