First Ascent Thermal Travel Liner
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Introducing the Sleeping Bag Liner, specially designed for economy travelers who prioritize cleanliness and lightweight gear. Crafted from the highest quality fiber composite fabric, this liner offers exceptional durability while remaining incredibly light.

• Extra warmth: The Thermal Travel Liner adds up to 5°C of additional warmth to the temperature rating of your sleeping bag, ensuring a cozy and comfortable sleep in various conditions.
• Lightweight and Compact: This liner serves as a clean and warm layer within your sleeping bag, while its lightweight design makes it easy to carry and pack for your adventures.
• Comfortable: The fabric of the liner provides a cotton-like feel and a soft touch against your skin. Its excellent hygroscopicity helps regulate moisture for a comfortable sleep experience.
• Compatible with bag: The liner features an envelope shape and ties that securely attach it to your sleeping bag, preventing it from shifting during the night.
• Easy maintenance: The travel sheet is conveniently machine washable and quick drying, allowing for effortless cleaning and ensuring it's always fresh for your next outing.

• Dimensions: 180 x 72cm
• Weight: 0.195kg

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    FA Colour: Titanium

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