Hitech Gel Egg Hand Exerciser

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The Hand Eggsercizer is an ergonomic hand trainer for strength and endurance training of the fingers, hands, wrist, and forearm muscles.

Training regularly with the hand exerciser egg will improve and strengthen the grip and lead to increased mobility and dexterity. Using this simple hand tool during therapy and warming-up training will lead to the development of motor skills and the improvement of the blood circulation in the hand. Made from soft polyurethane the hand eggsercizer slowly returns to its original shape upon release, making it great for individual finger and thumb strengthening. It can be heated or chilled. The “Egg” shape fits the hand comfortably and leaves no messy residue. The Hand Eggsercizer is available in four color-coded firmness levels so it can be used for most stages of rehabilitation.


Designed to fit the contours of the hand
Rheumatoid joint loosening.
Sport strength training, repetitive stress injury.
Reduce pain and stiffness in arthritic fingers, hands, and wrists.
Available in 4 different resistance levels.

Resistance Levels:

Orange = Soft
Green = Medium
Blue = Firm
Purple = Extra Firm

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