Hitech Therapy Tone Band Loops

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Tone Loop resistance trainers are an inexpensive exercise product that provide a wide variety of exercise possibilities. The narrow tone loops are 2.4cm wide and come in 4 different colours (strengths):
• Yellow (Extra-Light)
• Red (Light)
• Green (Medium)
• Blue (Heavy)


• Tone Loops can be used for a variety of applications and is ideal for lower body exercises
• Can increase balance, strength and flexibility
• Muscle groups and tendons can be stretched and strengthened
• Various levels of resistance offer a gradual challenge and aid to build muscle strength
Tone Loop Resistance trainers are sold as a single item

Customized Resistance: These bands offer variable resistance levels, allowing you to fine-tune your workouts to match your fitness level. From beginners to seasoned pros, they're perfect for all.

Compact and Portable: Say goodbye to bulky gym equipment. Our resistance bands are lightweight, compact, and highly portable. Train wherever you please – at home, the gym, or even outdoors.

Comprehensive Workouts: Strengthen and tone muscles, improve balance and flexibility, and boost overall fitness with a single set of bands. Versatile and adaptable, they support a wide range of exercises for a total-body workout.

Rehabilitation Aid: Ideal for rehabilitation and injury recovery, these bands provide gentle yet effective resistance to aid in your healing journey.

Premium Quality: Crafted with care by a trusted local South African supplier, these resistance bands are built to withstand your toughest workouts.

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