MSR Dragonfly Expedition Service Kit
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An extended trip far away from home is no place to remember you forgot to replace that worn-out O-ring. But it happens. Be prepared for anything with our Expedition Service kits. They provide comprehensive maintenance and repair solutions for your liquid-fuel stove and pump in places where failure is not an option.

Weight (varies by stove): 2.7 – 3.5 oz. (77 – 95 g)

Each kit includes:
• Jet & Cable Tool
• O-Rings
• Pump Cup oil
• Safety Pin
• Pump Seal
• Air Tube
• Fuel Tube and Filter
• Shaker Needle
• Fuel Tube Bushing
• Check Valve Spring
• Pump Cup
• Check Valve Ball
• Check Valve Plug
• Check Valve Assembly
• Jet Cleaning Wire
• Dragonfly Service Kit also includes:
• DragonFly Flame Spreader
• DragonFly G-Jet
• DragonFly K-Jet
• Fuel Line Filters
• Cool Fuel Tool

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