Ocun Ozone HV

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The Ozone HV (high volume) takes Ocun's performance-edging climbing shoe and bulks it up to better fit climbers with wider feet. Go for this if you've worn the Ozone before and found it too narrow, or if you struggle with finding wider shoes in general. Like the regular-volume model, the Ozone HV features a performance-focused last with the 3-Force System design, to achieve a climbing shoe that's highly precise on small edges yet also supportive, making it an ideal choice for more vertical climbs where edging stamina is key.

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  • High precision on tiny footholds and edges
  • Sticky rubber toe patch for toe hooking
  • Pretension in the arch and heel rand to transfer the power to the tip
  • Asymmetrical shape, wider last and more bulky toe-box for perfect fit and
  • 3D-shaped midsole for toe support
  • Upper Material: Microfibre
  • Closure Type: Velcro
  • Sizing & Fit: Medium Foot - Wide Foot
  • Last: Medium Asymmetry
  • Sole Material: Vibram XS Grip
  • Sole Thickness: 4mm
  • Profile: Downturned

Simple system for choosing the right size

Ocún shoes are manufactured using a last sized on a metric scale according to the foot length in millimetres (so called Mondo Point). Mondo Point is a size scale that lets you easily determine a suitable shoe size by measuring the length of the sole. 

Factors to consider when choosing the exact size:

  1. Everybody’s foot is unique in terms of shape, volume, width and shape of toes.
  2. The shoes differ depending on the shape of the last, construction of the upper and closures. All of these properties affect the fit and the feel of the shoe.
  3. The size also depends on the difficulty of climbing routes the climber intends to use the shoe for. Always try on and test the shoe in order to choose the right size.