Petzl Pirana Guide
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Petzl Pirana Guide Belay Device

Controlled Descent Mastery:
Stay in command throughout your descent with the Petzl Pirana Guide. Crafted as an adjustable friction descender for canyoning, this device empowers both independent users and guides with its versatile functionality.

Features & Benefits:

- Adaptable Friction Options:
Offering three rope installation choices, the Pirana Guide lets you tailor the degree of friction before initiating your descent. This adaptability ensures a controlled and customized descent experience.

- Enhanced Braking Power:
The inclusion of a friction spur grants users the ability to increase braking power during the descent, allowing for added control and safety in challenging canyoning terrains.

Ease of Use:

- Effortless Installation:
Equipped with a plastic ring, this device keeps the connector correctly positioned, simplifying rope installation even while the device remains connected to your harness. This minimizes the risk of accidental drops.

- Rapid Tie-Off Creation:
Featuring a locking slot and an additional spur, the Pirana Guide facilitates swift tie-off creation, ensuring quick and efficient maneuvering during your canyoning adventures.

Product Specifications:

- Material: Aluminum frame, thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) positioning ring
- Weight: 110 g
- Rope Compatibility: Suitable for ropes ranging from 8 to 13 mm
- Certification: Meets the requirements of EN 15151-2 standard (except for minimum attachment point dimensions)

Conquer canyoning challenges with confidence using the Petzl Pirana Guide. Empower your descent, ensure safety, and maximize control in every canyon exploration.

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