Scarpa Drago
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Aggressively downturned and highly asymmetric, with a forefoot wrapped in sticky rubber, the Drago represents the pinnacle of rock shoe construction—specialized, meticulously crafted and refined to perform at the highest level on demanding boulders and steep sport routes.

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Scarpa South Africa is thrilled to announce the launch of the Official Scarpa Resoles service, now available across the country! This new service allows climbers to extend the life of their favourite climbing shoes with premium resoling services for just R950 a pair. 
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  • PCB-Tension™ active rand provides dynamic power transfer directly to the big toe
  • 1/3 length Vibram® XS Grip 2 sole strategically puts the rubber only where you need it
  • SRT structural toe wrap in M50 rubber provides support and friction
  • One of the most iconic performance shoes in the World
  • Perfect for bouldering or steep sport climbing

SIZE OPTIONS : 35 - 45 (half sizes)

WEIGHT REFERENCE : 200g; 7.1oz (1/2 pair size 40)

UPPER : Microsuede + Leather

MIDSOLE : Flexan 1.0mm

OUTSOLE : Vibram® XS Grip2 (3.5 mm)

LAST : FZ - Aggressive, Downturned and Highly Asymmetric

PROFILE : Highly Downturned

SYMMETRY : Highly Asymmetric


SOLE RUBBER : Vibram® XS Grip2


PRODUCT CODE : 70017000

Technical information


Where the toe point is longest at the inside of the toe box.



Best suited for users with a more narrow foot.


Developed to provide maximum edging support, the VIBRAM® XS Edge compound delivers excellent pure grip while adding improved firmness for the most challenging edging moves. Thanks to an improved resistance to plastic distortion, it keeps its shape even after hours of use, maintains consistent feel in both hot and cold temperatures, and is formulated for improved durability

M50 Rubber

M50 is our softest rubber compound offering the best levels of adaptability to the natural curves of the foot and toes. This morphing rubber compound gives a Shore A rating of 50, making it perfect for use in our SRT system, toe patches and strategic positioning around the shoe upper. 

SRT Surround Rubber

SRT is the core technology of the Soft Line models Chimera, Drago and Furia S.

It is a layer of our ultra-soft M50 rubber that wraps around the forefoot and translates power directly to the tips of the toes. 

It also provides maximum friction and sensitivity for toe-hooking. Climbing with soft shoes improves one’s climbing style and naturally strengthens toe power. The total freedom of foot placement stimulates a faster and more dynamic movement on rock or plastic.

PCB Tension System

Power Connection Band is a patent pending new way to construct performance rock shoes.  It transfers power from the toe to the heel, allowing the shoes to fit like a sock with power and sensitivity.


Scarpa shoes and boots are built to the highest standard and should serve you for many years of use. However, just like tyres on a car, the rubber parts of a boot, shoe or rock shoe can wear down with use, and that’s why we offer a full re-sole service.

Resoling not only extends the lifespan of your Scarpa footwear, it also returns it to it’s very best level of performance.

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