Victorinox Spartan
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Solve everyday challenges with a folding knife that's both essential and indispensable. Elegant, lightweight companion, slimline profile, packing 12 essential functions for a versatile EDC that includes everything needed from opening a food delivery box in the kitchen, to opening a can of tuna, or fixing a plug with the small screwdriver, leaving you feeling that you've mastered the moment. Exceptional Swiss quality made for everyday use to enable total mastery of every situation, backed by 139 years of Swiss craftsmanship.


1. Large Blade
2. Small Blade
3. Can Opener
4. Screw Driver
5. Bottle Opener
6. Wire Stripper
7. Screw Driver 6mm
8. Reamer/Punch/Sewing Awl
9. Cork Screw
10. Toothpick
11. Tweezer
12. Key Ring

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